Warriors Set New Record for Best NBA Season Start

WWarriors Set New Record for Best NBA Season Start

Source: Warriors Set New Record for Best NBA Season Start


How to know God is real Pt:2

The life of a beliver in Jesus  is pretty cool. One, you get to go to a place called HEAVEN when you die. This place is awesome! There is no hurt, no dead, no sick, and no tears. Everyone can go there. If you have a pretty bad past, all you need to do is… A is ask God to forgive you. B is Belive in Jesus and God. C is confess that you are a sinner, and need to be saved. See all you need to do is say your ABCs. Everyone can do it. Oops I left out the greatest part. God sent his one and only son to die so we can go to Heaven. Hallelujah!

How to know God is real

Most people think that God is just a myth. God is not a myth!  How is this. You know how you think? Well you would not be able to write your stories without a brain. God made the brain. Would you be able to run without legs? God made legs. Scientis  say the world just popped up in the sky. WRONG! God made the Heavens and the earth (Genisis 1:1)  Now all of you non belivers, BELIVE THIS!

2014-2015 NBA Championship Win

Since 1975 the Warriors have not gotten to the NBA Playoffs. So, how did they get there? All-Star Stephen Curry had an answer for that. “The Warriors made him the seventh pick in the 2009 draft.” (K.C. Kelly)  6-3 Curry set a record of 272 three-pointers! (K.C.Kelly)  Curry was not alone though; Klay Thompsen, a 6-7 hot shooter, is Curry’s side kick. The two are like Mario and Luigi, Batman and Robin or Captain America and Buckeye. As long as they have Andre Iguadola, David Lee and Harrison Barnes they can win in the playoffs and win another Championship.